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Hand-painted Subbuteo

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Hand-painted table football and Subbuteo

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NOTE Christmas Orders Have Now Finished

My order queue is now full. Any orders taken from this point onwards will be fulfilled after Christmas. You can still send me an email and place your orders but please be aware that you will not recieve your team before Christmas. You will get your team in January at the earliest.

My ready to go teams are still avaialble. I will endeavor to get these posted as soon as possible after ordering during the Christmas period.

Welcome to CustomFlicks Home of hand-painted table football and Subbuteo teams

My name is Michael - Welcome to my website and my passion, dedicated to hand-painted Subbuteo / table football teams. I offer highly detailed and personalised table football teams on a custom order basis. Whether you want the current English Premier League champions, a Scottish side from the 1950s, any side from across the continent or even a completely made up fantasy team I can paint it for you. Anything goes!

All my Subbuteo teams are hand-painted from scratch - mainly using the traditional Lightweight Subbuteo figure (LW) and bases. I also offer teams using the more realistic, modern looking 2K4/Superfooty figure and the older style Subbuteo Heavyweight Santiago figure.

All teams are 100% hand-painted to high quality and detail. I do not use transfers or decals for the detailing, just a very small brush! The teams are fully boxed in a bespoke stickered CustomFlicks designed box (standard Subbuteo size) or a 1970’s traditional, reproduction box. Figures are lightly matt varnished to keep them protected from the usual game wear and tear.

Your team will be fully match day ready and raring to go!

Price of a team is £36.99 + £4 p&p (UK)

100% Hand-painted

Beautifully hand-painted Subbuteo teams.

Unique Teams

Own a team no one else has. 100% unique!

Bespoke Boxes

Custom designed box livery unique to your team.

Quick turnaround

Have you team delivered in quick time and ready to play.


Featured Team Liverpool 2005 Home

Lightweight Subbuteo figures

Stevie G inspired Liverpool to arguably the greatest comeback win in modern day Champions League history. Nicely replicated Liverpool Subbuteo team on an all red base and disc combo. Lightweight Subbuteo figures.  

Liverpool Champions League Subbuteo
Boca Juniors Subbute Team

Featured Team Boca Juniors 1980-1982 | Home

Lightweight Figures

Classic side from Argentina featuring a certain Diego Maradona four years before his infamous game against England in 1986. Diego only played for a single season before his big money move to Europe.

Nicely painted team with hand-painted Adidas stripes. Based on yellow base and blue disc combo    


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Where did it start?

I discovered that I loved painting Subbuteo more than 10 years ago. I started painting teams in 2007/08 and launched this site in 2009. I must have painted well over 250 teams in the last decade, most orders from you guys but a few just for my own collection and to play with. I'm not entirely sure about the accuracy of the numbers but it gives you a rough idea!

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