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New Logo, branding and boxing

Nov 16 2020
New Custom Flicks Logo

As well as redesigning the website, I thought that the whole brand could do with a bit of a refresh. So, I came up with a new logo and box design.

The logo went through a number of iterations, but I settled on a design inspired by the Italia 90 World Cup (my first World Cup). It is clean, modern and can be used in both the horizontal and vertical profile. It will now be used on all my projects.

New Custom Flicks Boxes

Again, like the logo and website, I decided to redesign my boxes. A lot of other painters use the traditional Subbuteo style for their boxing and there's nothing wrong with that. There's something said for sticking with the traditional - however I wanted to design something that stood out, something that is totally different from everyone else. I think my box design achieves this, they're certainly different from anything else out there and they look great stacked together on a shelf!

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